Wednesday, February 27, 2013

WIP Wednesday

I am still working on the same two pairs of socks, but I have tons of pictures to share :-) I got my camera out on Monday when it was sunny and got some great pictures -- the color is really true to life in these.

The blue one is a Cookie A pattern, Clandestine
It is a challenging lace pattern and I love it!
 I can't wait to finish the pair. 

The leg goes on forever! 7 inches of delightful lace :-)

The pink one is Business Casual, and I turned the heel on the second sock last night. 
I should have a working pair by Friday! 

The Business Casual sock is single cables, but I worked 
them as twisted stitches. It is much faster and the result is a 
little neater I think. There are lots of ways to work twisted stitches, but I 
like the way Alice Yu works them in her Farmer McGregor socks,
so that is how I did mine. It is very similar to this technique, only
for a left twist Alice slips both stitches one at a time knitwise,
and then passes them back to the left needle. This makes it 
easier to knit through the back loop of the stitches. 

My knitting attacked me so many times on this sock.
I had to do major surgery during my gusset decreases.
I got all confused by the cables and my stitch count was 
off -- major Fiasco! It still has a wonky hole, but I 
cheated and sewed it up afterwards. 
I am the boss of my knitting! 

They make such a cute pair :-) 
Happy knitting!

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  1. They are so lovely..I am liking the pink in particular. :)

    1. Thank you :-) The pink pair has flown off the needles and onto my feet and my feet are happy :-)

  2. Such beautiful sock knitting, wow, very creative!

  3. These look great! Blue holds a special place in my heart (I have an addiction). What yarn is the blue sock?

    1. The yarn is Gynx yarns in their Merino Sock, colorway Midnight. It is so dark and wonderful :-) You can see all her yarns at
      she has some amazing blues! Check out Happy, it is one of my favorites