Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dream Knitting

I have a lot of sock yarn in my stash. And since I have two pairs of socks already going, I am of course day dreaming about what to knit next.

I am a sucker for variegated yarns, and I have a few skeins of delightful Cakewalk yarn that need to be something amazing.

The top is Cakewalk in Maeby, the orangey one
is Cakewalk in Aztec Tomb, and the rainbow is 
Candy Skein yarn in Rainbow Fruit Chews.

I go a little bit crazy when I don't know what I am going to cast on next! Good crazy :-) Pattern hunting crazy!

Here are a few of the patterns I'm thinking about:

Sunday Swing Socks

These socks were made with hand painted yarns in mind, and I think my skein of  Aztec Tomb would look amazing in this! It also looks like a quick knit, but with some character. And a free pattern, who doesn't love that?

Aztec Tomb, named after Gob's magic
trick in Arrested Development. It is 
orange and pinks and reds. 


I found this pattern after searching different names of characters in Arrested Development on Ravelry. I love this pattern for so many reasons -- cables! Yum! -- but most of all, I have a skein of the Maeby colorway! And how awesome would it be to have Maeby socks in Maeby yarn?

Maeby :-) It is pink and purple with speckles of
orange and darker purple.

Spring Prairie

These socks are published by Yummy Yarn Studio, and are just one of many of their socks that I want to knit so bad! These socks look like spring, and I want them on my feet when the sun comes back. However, I don't have yarn in my stash that would do these justice. And I am on a yarn diet, so they will have to wait.


I have had this free pattern in my queue for quite awhile. I have a skein of Candy Skein's Rainbow Fruit Chews and it is a very bright yarn! I tried to knit it once, but the pattern didn't fit the yarn. These Crusoe socks might have been designed for my rainbow yarn! So excited knit these up.

Blue and red and green and yellow! So bright and happy :-)
Rainbow Fruit Chews indeed!

I hope these patterns give you some inspiration. What are you dream knitting?

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