Wednesday, February 20, 2013

WIP Wednesday!

It is 10 PM in Oregon, and I have had an insane day (mostly insanely awesome, but also crazy loooong) but I am bound and determined to show you what I have for Work in Progress Wednesday!

First up we have my first Clandestine sock! This is a Cookie A pattern and I love it. This is my first Cookie A sock and I know it won't be the last. It is a very challenging knit, but in a good way. It is a lovely lace pattern that is charted and easy enough to follow, but I do recommend a row counter! It's been easy for me to loose my spot and there is more than one goof. This pattern is a free pattern from Knitty! Get it here.

This sock has been a bear to photograph and I will try and get some pictures in natural light tomorrow. The yarn is so dark! It really looks amazing in real life. The yarn is Gynx Yarn in Merino Sock base, colorway Midnight Blue. I love Laura's yarn! So delightful to work with.

Normally I am a very monogamous knitter when it comes to my socks. This is mostly because I only have one US 1 set of Addi Turbos. But after finishing my first Clandestine sock, I decided to take a break before sock two and knit some Business Casual Socks, which is another free pattern. The Celtic Cast On is doing a KAL with this pattern, and after seeing some FOs, I had to join in!

I cast this on last night! I'm already at the start of the heel flap -- wonderful pattern! I am knitting this with my most favorite sock yarn ever, Cakewalk Yarn. Rose has an amazing way with color, and I have so much to say about her yarns, I will devote an entire future post to her. But for now I will say, go look at her yarns! You won't be able to resist a skein or two. My Business Casual sock is in the Walk base, and the colorway is Grantia, which is discontinued. It is a lovely pink, but not to fear! Rose has many other lovely pinks :-)

I am loving this pattern, and I do have a lot to say about it, but not right now. I am so tired! But I leave you with this video about business socks :-) After all, it is Wednesday!

Happy knitting!

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