Friday, June 14, 2013

So many socks!

Marilinda socks are finished! I wish my camera could capture the amazing pink of this yarn! They are gorgeous.

 I haven't worn them really, since it's been in the 80s since May. Which is so weird for Oregon. Usually it rains all of April and most of May, and is warm just enough at the end of May to make you think summer is coming and then BAM! Rains all of June. 

That has not been the case this year. But has that stopped me from knitting socks? Nope! Not one bit.

I also finished my Regia Vanilla socks :-) So happy and cozy. I love the colors!

In May my husband and I went camping on the coast and I bought some yarn :-) It was Red Heart Heart and Sole in the BlackJack colorway. These socks flew off the needles! I played around with the idea of making the stripes match, until I found not one, but two knots in my first skein. Sigh. So no matching stripes, but they are still very nice.

That's it for finished socks, but I also have some almost finished socks! These are Hundred Acre Wood socks from the Socktopus book. 

I am in love with this stitch pattern! It is so easy to memorize and looks so gorgeous in my SweetGeorgia Lettuce yarn :-) It uses a Turkish cast on for the toe, which I've never done before but wasn't too hard to figure out. 

 Bottom of foot

Top of Foot

The toe is lovely and detailed which is the only reason I knit toe-up like the pattern says. I don't really like the way toe up socks fit. I don't like how loose they get around my arch/heel. I love how a heel flap and gusset makes the sock hug your foot. So these aren't my very favorite socks out of this book, but I can see myself adapting this pattern for cuff down socks.

That's it for today! I expect to blog at least once a month for the summer, but I can't promise more than that. The summer is always busy for me, since I work as a wildland fire fighter, but I expect this year to be especially busy since it's been so dry here in Oregon, as well as in California and Washington. I'll be setting aside my pretty hand knit socks for some heavy duty boot socks, but you better believe I'll still be knitting every chance I get :-)

Happy knitting! 

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