Saturday, April 20, 2013

Pattern troubles and Knitting and Crochet Blog Week!

I turned the heel on my second Marilinda sock a few days ago and only just got around to picking up the stitches on the heel flap for the gusset. I noticed that the pattern has an error: when you put the instep stitches on hold to work the heel, you end with row 7 of the lace chart. When you come back to the instep after picking up the stitches on the heel flap, it says to start with row 4 of the chart. On the first sock I looked at it and thought, huh, that's weird, but it's Cookie A and she must have a reason to do it that way and went along knitting like the pattern told me to.

I really don't know why I did this. I must have been tired, because it is not like me to blindly follow directions and not at least check for errata (I did check this morning, and there is none for this sock pattern. Several people have left comments on the pattern on Ravelry, but there has been no response). So this second sock is correct and the first one is a little wonky, but I truly don't care. There are some things in knitting that you cannot ignore -- like length on a sweater or sleeves -- but there are other things like one wonky repeat in a sock that will not show. I will most likely forget it is even there. (I tried to get a picture but my camera is not cooperating.)

In other news, I was reading the delightful Truly Myrtle blog a few days ago and found out about The Fourth Annual Knitting and Crochet Blog Week. It sounds like so much fun, I just have to join in. It's going to be quite the challenge for me -- I don't think I've ever blogged every day for a week -- but I am all about challenges these days. Please come back on Monday for the first post :-)

Have a great weekend!

Happy Knitting!

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