Wednesday, March 13, 2013

It's WIP Wednesday!

Wednesday is here again, and I am so happy to see it. I love middles. The middle of a book, the middle of an Oreo cookie, the middle of a sock, aka, the heel turn. I love the turn of a heel so much. It makes me feel so smart and accomplish and halfway there! The heel flap itself is such a brief moment in the knitting of the sock, but it is so very special. 

I turned the heel of this sock today:

These socks have been zipping along! The stripes are so motivating, and I love love the Cakewalk yarn. I love seeing the same colors in all the different colorways. I loved knitting these yarns the first time, but knitting them all together is absolutely fascinating. The orange in Podcast Junkie is the same orange in Caged Wisdom, Sincerest, and Maeby. The purples, the teals, the pinks! I love these socks so much, I can almost forget about the ends I will have to weave in :-) Almost.

I started a new sock this week. It is another striped Vanilla sock and is also in Cakewalk, but in the Walk base. I had these leftovers from Christmas presents -- the green is Pickle, and the peach is Swell. I bought a second set of Addis this week! Now my sock knitting is really going to take off: my plan is for one set to have vanilla socks or simple repeat patterns, and then the second set will be for my daring socks! You know, like Cookie A socks, which are not purse knitting.

That is why these socks got cast on; I went to see a movie with some friends the other night, and I had no "in the dark" knitting. I can't sit for two hours without knitting. I love the way they are turning out, and I'm thinking they will be a Mother's Day present for my mom.

I haven't made any progress on my Clandestine socks, so no new pictures.

Spring is coming! I am so excited. I missed the spring last year because I was working Noc shift. So I am soaking up these sunny days and longboarding whenever I get the chance. I know that as flip flop season approaches that means that my socks won't get as much wear, but I won't stop knitting them :-)

Happy knitting!

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  1. Socks are looking great, had not thought about the ends though!